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Using protein to reduce muscle soreness

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Strategies to speed up restoration and overcome post-exercise muscle soreness are necessary for all athletes. But for older athletes who’re doubtless to recuperate extra slowly and who’re extra susceptible to muscle soreness, these methods are particularly essential. Here then are some dietary tips incorporating a few of the newest findings on this space.

Protein feeding

  • Older athletes ought to pay particular consideration to their post-exercise protein consumption, particularly after unusually lengthy or strenuous bouts of train.
  • Begin feeding protein (together with carbohydrate) instantly after training, after which at common intervals (90-120 minutes) afterwards.
  • In the early levels of restoration, a fast-releasing protein akin to whey is preferable to a slowreleasing protein akin to casein; drained hungry muscle mass are particularly primed to take in amino acids (protein constructing blocks) within the early levels after train.
  • During later levels of restoration, slowerreleasing proteins (for instance, from meat, fish, milk merchandise and so forth) are high quality for holding the availability of amino acids to the muscular tissues topped up.
  • Previous analysis has steered that not more than 20g of protein could be absorbed by muscle tissue in anybody feeding. New analysis means that greater quantities – probably as a lot as 40g – might present further advantages for older athletes.
  • If time is tight or life is difficult, and you may solely handle one post-exercise protein feeding, probably the most useful would be the one instantly publish train. Aim to eat 40g of protein on this feeding.

General recommendation

  • Allow longer restoration durations after notably onerous or extended training periods.
  • Pay cautious consideration to your day-to-day nutrition, making certain that you simply eat top quality carbohydrates with some quickreleasing protein after each training session to maximise restoration.
  • Remember that power, energy and adaptability decline disproportionately with advancing years; incorporate some power and energy training (e.g. interval training) into your weekly routine and be ready to improve this to keep efficiency at shorter distances.

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