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Start your Health Journey with Live Well Exercise Clinic – North Shore News

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It’s been stated that a thousand-mile journey begins with one step. Similarly, a journey to a more healthy you begins with only one session.

There an infinite variety of explanation why our health begins to slide away from us as we grow old. A demanding profession, household commitments, age and damage – all this stuff can influence our potential to stick to a program focussed on healthy dwelling.

But the excellent news is that there are individuals right here to assist.

Live Well Exercise Clinicis a state-of-the-artwork train facility that gives skilled fitness training and healthy way of life teaching to members of any age, form or measurement. By utilizing train as drugs, the expertly educated and educated employees at Live Well coach members on creating healthy habits that result in sustained way of life change and improved high quality of life.

Live Well Exercise Clinic in Lynn Valley has been open simply over a yr now and has already helped dozens of shoppers on their journey to seek out their approach again to a more healthy self.

Take Live Well member Tanja for instance. Fed up with the fixed guessing recreation of which weight-reduction plan and which fitness center would serve her greatest, Tanja determined to hunt skilled assist to lastly discover a lengthy-time period answer to her health considerations.

Like many others, I’ve been yo-yo weight-reduction plan for almost all of my grownup life and caught on the weight loss and weight achieve cycle for years. I’ve tried each food plan program and joined nearly each health club,” says Tanja.

That’s when she discovered Live Well.

“Live Well fosters a friendly and welcoming community, and this motivates me to keep coming to exercise classes. Sessions are structured so that there is a different educational and inspirational component with each visit. Also, if something is not quite working for me, staff is always on hand to answer my questions and help me adjust my own personal program to suit my needs,” says Tanja.

“I have learned to incorporate (and even enjoy) regular exercise in my life again. Along with gaining more muscle strength and stamina, I also noticed that after a few months of doing the Live Well program I had less knee and joint pain! I feel physically stronger and more confident, and I am enjoying exercising my body and treating it well.”

Unlike Tanja, Live Well member Tony had apprehensions about exercising for years resulting from his worry of damage, nervousness and lack of preparedness however after years of stagnant dwelling he quickly discovered that he couldn’t delay his health journey any longer.

“I had spent years trying to get fit and lose weight, trying all sorts of things but nothing had worked until Live Well. My balance was bad, my strength was minimal and I was scared. My whole life I’ve taken horrible falls, many with serious injury,” says Tony.

“Since I’ve been with Live Well, I have not fallen at all. The trainers are so amazing, if something doesn’t work for you or you feel unwell they find an exercise you can do. Everyone has a different program with exercises just for them. There is no competition and the gym feels more like a sanctuary than a gym.”

Some members have discovered inspiration to hunt out and maintain more healthy habits collectively like married Live Well couple Irene and Lloyd.

“Lloyd and I both realized we needed to have some structured exercises as we age and we wanted it to be in a safe and supervised environment so that we could maintain and build strength, flexibility and stamina,” stated Irene.

“Lloyd saw an ad for Live Well, looked into it and suggested we go. It has been a very positive and enjoyable experience. The groups are small, the exercises are designed for each individual and we work and advance at our own pace. It isn’t a competitive environment and everyone in each session is at a different level.”

Whatever the rationale for in search of out Live Well, every member is ready to discover the protected and safe setting that they should flourish. With only one session, the journey to a more healthy you begins. Come go to us at the moment and allow us to present you the trail to a life-style you’ll be glad to have.

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